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Digital Advertising Signage, Billboards and Sports Scoreboard Solutions

Digital LED/SMD screens

* LED Video Screens/DRS
* Digital Scoreboards
* LED/SMD Video walls (manufacturing, installation, maintenence and rental)
* Electronic Perimeters

Sports related products

Sight screens, bowling machine, practice net, boundry ropes, seatings and all stadium accessories for cricket, football, hockey and all idoor games.


* Tri vision signs/sight screens
* Instadia advertising (sports)
* Billboard signs
* LCD Video Wall
* LCD manu boards for resturants, shopping malls and cinemas * Backlit signs

Services and Rental Equipment

* Steel structures fabrication
* Event management services
* 3 D product imitations
* 3 D mapping
* Engineering services
* Flood light installation and maintenance

Reasons to choose us?

Comprehensive Solutions Under One Roof

Out of the World Ideas

Ultimate Services

More than 25 Years of Experience

We Have The Vision

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Message from CEO

Our Organization started functioning in 1987. Initial program was to study, evaluate the contemporary devices relating to outdoor advertisement and then to design and create new concepts suitable for outdoor advertisement.
Due to our vast experience in the field of digital signage, we have learned so much so over more than 25 years that the new companies will definitely have to try their tooth and nail to catch up with us.
Picture speak louder than words and so travel though our experience.
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Syed Iqbal Athar (CEO)

Our Clients

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What our clients say?

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